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CAFTA, Bush, FTAA, and the European Union

Created: Thursday, July 28th, 2005
22:53:49 CDT
Last modified: Thursday, July 28th, 2005
22:54:49 CDT

the CAFTA will lead to the FTAA, the FTAA is so frecked up that it will be literally the precursor to a fascistólike entity such as the European Union where representatives are not elected and a foreigner with no real knowledge of your country's problems (or cares for hta tmatter) precides over your boughtóout parliment. Then again, much of the same can be said for Bush, who is so out of it that he was not even aware that the White House had been evacuated 25 May 2005 due to a possible hijacked plane. No, he only found out when he called his wife asking why she had missed lunch and found out she was in the emergency shelter :ó/ Bush: The Most Extraneous President.

Originally posted in the Discuss section of Dominican RepublicóCentral America Free Trade Agreement