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Who gets a degree?

Created: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
15:30:18 CDT
Last modified: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
15:31:18 CDT

Thrawn01> degree just means you can pass as test, it don't mean shit.
HopeSeekr> it means a shitload to [most] employers
Thrawn01> they are morons
truth> It means you can learn a system, follow it, and follow through with it.
HopeSeekr> no...
Thrawn01> it means you sucked away 5 years of your life, while the rest of us where learning the systems in the "real world" and gaining on the job exp.
HopeSeekr> it means you are a sheeple that can put off very important things like being a participant in the 2004 elections just to 'prove' you are a compliant bastard in a corporate fascist state where you dont' have enough power to even remove stupid stopsigns near your house, much less reduce property taxes or hell stop illegal wars or international treaties (CAFTA, DMCA, NAFTA)
Thrawn01> ^