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amid a haystack of Chaos.

The Crazy Invasions of Venezuela and Iran

Created: Saturday, November 19th, 2005
07:24:51 CST
Last modified: Sunday, November 20th, 2005
13:24:54 CST
I largely stopped being an alarmist in January 2004 when I could no longer afford such a luxury, but so much has happened in the last 3 days. While all the events have definately happened since Tuesday, my recollection of when they occurred is, per usual, diffuse.
This actually blossomed into quite the ineffectual rant. I still had fun writing it and think it'd be a waste if it just disappeard; after all, I may publish it some day; never know.
Just look at religious nutters who bomb abortion clinics and say "Death to desert niggers" and support Iraq war and such...not to mention braindead acceptance, with a badge of pride, that obviously allegorical stories that many major religions treat as allegory (European Islam, worldwide Judaism (•including• fundamentalists), Catholicism, among many others) that completely go against modern human discoveries. Not to mention the hatefilled actions that would lead the country into at least 4 more years of horrible devolution just because they wanted to hatefully pass laws to hinder the personal development of a particular segment of the populace, effectively banning them from pursuing interpersonal covenants that would not directly affect another soul in a negative way (e.g. homosexual marriages). O, and it would be fair to state that •only• two religions afaik have sects that believe with any certainty that their scriptural content is both complete, static, and "wholly perfect, without error". O, then you have people like Robertson and Bush who believe the End is any day now and we have a moral duty to bring about the Apocalypse in order to spur the Rapture. IN Baptist circles, you are bound to hear this many, many times. So many, you will eventually be spurred to inaction, esp. in politics, because, hell, the End is Nie, bizsnitch! And that is, by far, the point. Misdirection.