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The Great U.S. Housing Bust

Created: Sunday, August 27th, 2006
01:33:58 CDT
Last modified: Sunday, August 27th, 2006
01:34:20 CDT

Hey, you need solar or wind electricity stat. Seriously. Buy now. It could very well be more valuable than gold.

During huricane Rita i was in a southern suburb of Houston. Every one frigin evacuated, except us, including hte city electricians. The night of the hurricane, my entire suburb went dark. Downed trees and such.

My house was the only w/ power. It was 100 F w/ 100% humidity outside. Four of my neighbors had not evacuated. We put up signs saying "AC and cold water — $10/hr" and we then proceeded to ride bikes around w/ shotguns and pistols, because the gangs were rampaging the lesser—guarded neighborhoods in my town.

It's amazing how much business my house had; the women neighbors handled all the guests (and were also armed w/ tasers). It is quite effective.

The housing bubble is going to be fucking huge. Millions of homeless. People are going to rebel. Which is hwy Bush is trying to make it happen after November so they can institute tyranny before then.

Start pushing microsecession (or neighborhoods becoming thier own city—states). The ONLY way you can do this is get out of hte electric grid; it single—handedly keeps us hog—tied to the corporate state.