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An Abortion Dialogue

Created: Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
20:17:52 CDT
Last modified: Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
20:18:03 CDT


You're going to have to convince people you are not a religious nutjob. If you do believe in the Rapture and believe insane things like the moment of life is conception, well, my friend, you will never convince any one of any thing short of your own insanity, so just stop trying; focus on your own anti—intellectual bigotted mentality first.

HOwever, if you are a rational person w/ no heavily—irrational biasness, consider this dialogue:
A = abortionist | L = prolife
A: Abortion is the right of Every woman.
L: Nah man, abortion is murder
A: Nah you're wrong, feti aren't babies.
L: When does a feti become a baby?
A: Dude, I don't know! At birth!
L: What about babies that are born via cessarian sections?
A: Hmm... that's the same as birth
L: What if you took a *fetus* out of a womb via C—section and it survived. Would it be a baby?
A: Ya sure.
L: So any thing that can survive in the womb is a baby?
A: OK.
L: Then that means that developed feti are ... in fact ... babies.
A: ::sigh::
L: Here... answer me this ... When does a human become a corpse?
A: When they die!
L: What if they are comatose but can move nothign but thier eyes? Are they a corpse?
A: Nah ...
L: What if they have no brain waves, their heart doesn't beat, and they would instantly cease to have circulating blood and would immediately start to decompose if they were 'unplugged'? Are they corpses?
A: OK sure
L: What about the few cases where people in this state have woken up decades later? Were they ressurrected or simply never corpses?
A: Damn! NEver corpses!
L: Did you knwo that no one's who's heart and lungs have totally stopped has never recovered, while "brain dead" people's who's bodies kept functioning, even at very minimal levels, have?
A: No
L: Look, life begins and ends at the moment the heart and brain simultaneously start and stop. Therefore, it is is murder to kill a fetus/baby after the brain waves start and they start reacting to pain, shortly after the 2nd trimester begins. It's the same reason we do not kill comatose patients at the whim of the family or the state.