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My New Monitor (Massif)

Created: Saturday, September 16th, 2006
02:19:25 UTC
Last modified: Saturday, September 16th, 2006
02:28:34 UTC
All told, this cost slightly more than your midscale desktop (~1100); and that includes the ATI x1900 GT. Half—Life 2, totally maxed—out at 100 fps at 1360x768 :—)
Ted's new monitor
Monitor is a Westinghouse 32"—wide (3.5 sqft) LTV—32w6 HDTV connected via HDMI. The program is the background is EarthSim, and yes, that is the area of sunlight on the North American continent at the time it was taken. Forget Google Earth, EarthSim has it beat by a decade in features, unless you want the 'novelty' of seeing fuzzy images of your house 5 years ago. I much prefer being able to fast forward 50 years and seeing sat images of Amazon deforestation and urban sprawl. But, it requires a post—2005 high—end card...as it says in the intro, 10 years ago, you couldn't do that live graphics rendering on a super computer, now you can do so on your home computer for ~300. Graphics processing is increasing faster than disk space and CPU.