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Beware: Easy Duplicate Finder purchase only lasts 1 year (www.easyduplicatefinder.com)

Created: Friday, March 4th, 2011
03:55:53 CST

I realized **AFTER** purchasing (only when viewing the "About" dialog in the app) that $39 had only purchased one year's worth of updates.

I am a Software Engineer and a highly detailed—oriented person. This is the **first time ever** that I have missed that software was time—limited.

Every other package has clearly—worded verbiage BEFORE YOU FRACKING PAY stating the terms of the license clearly and succinctly, usually with options to buy multiple years.

I reanalyzed the entire chain of events (downloading the app, clicking "REgister" button, creating an account and paying for the app) and I did not see "1 year of updates" **anywhere** in the process.

I am on the verge of protesting this with my credit card company.

$39.90 is just too expensive a price point for your app with just 1 year of updates. $25, sure, but not $40. That makes it TWO TIMES more expensive than Winamp Pro, which also is a perpetual upgrades purchase. Are you saying your app delivers more than two times value than Winamp 5 Pro?

I have posted this entire rant at http://incendiary.ws/node/244 and I will post your response(s) there as well.