A needle of Hope
amid a haystack of Chaos.

Truthers Manifesto

Created: Thursday, March 17th, 2011
13:04:55 CDT
  1. I am of the opinion that discovering reality is one of the core reasons I am Alive. That Life is the discovery of what to Ask, not so much knowing.
  2. I know practically nothing.
  3. I only know what I have discovered objectively via my own sense perceptions after careful scientific process (the Objective process).
  4. I intuit patterns based upon sound reasoning (the inductive method).
  5. I have few strong beliefs which are almost totally based upon objective observations and inductive reasoning.
  6. I can be absolutely sure of practically nothing, for my perceptions are not flawless, my reasoning not perfect, and reality is probably not perfectly predictable (e.g., Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle).
  7. I try my best to constantly re—evaulate my own beliefs and knowledge in light of new reasoning, observations, or the words of others.
  8. I especially critique regularly those beliefs I hold the strongest.
  9. I denounce anyone who claims they know with assurity something they have only heard from others, without firm objective observation and inductive reasoning by themselves.
  10. I strive to promote the passion that comes from realizing that
    1. very few things are black and white,
    2. everyone knows practically nothing,
    3. true knowledge comes from objective observation *and* intuition (a form of inductive reasoning)
    4. it's OK to not know the answers to anything
    5. it's not OK to live in ignorance.
    6. it's worse to unknowingly believe mistruths.
    7. very few things are as they initially appear to be.

This is my own Truther Manifesto codified. I, Theodore R. Smith, release it into the public domain and renounce all copyright claims to the fullest extent applicable by the laws of Texas.