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My Views on Being an Alpha Male

Created: Sunday, December 31st, 2017
16:29:27 CST

As an alpha male, I disagree with pretty much everything except the "confidence" thing. The woman I want is 1) confident, yes, of at least of her own competence (I can (and like to) finesse out her other areas of confidence), 2) *available* to be brought into *my* world [I so do not have time or inclination to go into her's, not when there are many women who want to be with me], 3) *wants* to be brought into my world, 4) wants to be on my exclusive team (us vs the world), 5) is great supporter and cheer leader, 6) is gentle and kind [areas I sometimes lack], 7) *wants* to have children, 8) has chosen wisely not to have *too many* children (0 is preferred, but up to 2 young kids is OK, but if their father is involved in their lives, that is a deal killer.

And most importantly: She pursues me after I initiate contact. She will initiate contact whenever she wants to talk, etc. I find this *highly* alluring, especially if she overtly exerts feminine charm (pet names, etc.) feeling confident enough to use them in the first place.

At any given time, there are 5-10 women who would LOVE to be with me, but the one woman who initiates contact with a "hey sexy" gets my attention. Get it?

The last thing I want is a corporate woman who is more interested in advancing her career than she is following me to the ends of the Earth and, eventually, being the mother to my children (after we've had our fun). She MUST put me #1 in her life, and I will definitely return the favor. I will love her and in exchange she will respect me / value me / feel special to be with me.

That's whom I'm looking for. And it's incredibly rare. I still haven't found it.

I see a LOT of Western women *really* confused about what alpha men even should be. I'm a more gentleman in public, dominant in the bedroom, type. But what I see routinely is western women get all riled up by Narcissists, bodybuilders, etc. while real men probably don't give much of a hoot what they look like (that's their woman's job, if anyone's). Much more interested in where the next battle will be, how to win it, and what to do with the spoils to benefit the kingdom. If you catch my drift.

I always find myself *having* to take the reins of power, in total vacuum, amid a destroyed sea full of incompetence, inefficiency and imbecility. I don't want to lead, but frequently I have to to keep the ship from sinking, the project marching on, etc. But as soon the situation's in hand, Andrea's right, I quietly relinquish control to others and keep going on to bigger/better things. Just like Emperor Cincinnatus.

For those who finished, here's a bonus. I made a short video on all this and more. Way way way back, like 2010.