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My Exhilerating Investment

Created: Friday, June 10th, 2005
01:10:09 UTC
Last modified: Friday, June 10th, 2005
01:46:09 UTC

Two months ago I transferred several thousand dollars from my bank to an investment firm. The first firm I picked, I bought 1,000,000 shares :o I picked this firm because they specifically allowed me to make "penny stock" buys. What is a "penny stock"? Something that sells for under a $1 per share. They are considered highly speculative. Well, that very day I got a SPAM email. Exciting investment opportunity. It said that the legal owners of poker.com were going to court to see if they could win the rights to it. I went, Hmm, I either win big or lose all. So i invested it when it was at its 52 week low...Literally $0.0045 per share. It had been that way for 2 weeks at the time. According to Yahoo Business, they were a company made of 5 individuals (1 recently hired) and they had liquidated all their personal stock as collateral for a loan in order to pay for the upcoming legal battle — triggering a sell of the rest. I go, ok, seems reasonable.

1,000,000 shares only cost $4515 (includes commission :_) yet apparerently it was so unexpected (there had been *zero* buys for almost a month) that I received a letter a week ago declaring me a "primary holder" of their stock :o I voted on the topic they had requested: Should they settle for 'paid legal fees' and I voted no. The court case came and went.

They won!!

The stock has shot up since...literally. They started another renewed spam campaign Wednesday, highlighting their Tuesday victory, and after-hours trading increased the stock 50% over the day before.

I sold 750,000 shares of the stock at the first call at the opening bell this morning. at 0.03 cents per share. Did you catch that? 0.0045 vs 0.03 :o That means 750,000 shares sold for a net profit of ... well you do the math. It's crazy :o Needless to say, my 0.75 million shares was a significant hunk of the 2,382,475 shares sold today (33%). Now I can re-invest several times more than I originally did while still keeping double the profit, which I did right before making this post. After-hour's trade reports a 5.56% increase. That's purely me, I believe. I might make a cool $100,000 off this company if I play my cards right.