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How I Defeat Anger / Depression / Anxiety / Etc.

Created: Saturday, June 11th, 2005
17:41:02 UTC
Last modified: Saturday, June 11th, 2005
17:51:02 UTC

Defeating anger is a sinch for me these days. Scenario: I am pulled over by a traffic cop: supreme accessory branch of the Fasicist junta. Am I angry? Generally, no. I immediately think in my mind, Thank you, Goddess!! for all the horrible events you have potentially just saved me from. Yep. Over 50,000 people die every year in an automobile accident, and I have come close to death several times in such situations. That traffic cop? The mere act of stopping me *probably* saved me from certain death. It is useless saying "the odds are low". Like Schrodinger's Cat, all things have the potential to happen at all times. In one part of the Implicate Order, I have just died in a fireball the second I am required to sign, in another part, I have just ended up comotose for life. All are just as *possible* as me being alive (life is too random to deal in probabilities at any given time!).

Yes, by adopting this sort of attitude I break much of the anger in my life. And when I'm faced with angry people, I empathisize with them. They MUST have had a bad day. Maybe if I just talk nice they'll calm down. Usually they do. The other types have deep psychical problems, such as needing to be a psychic vampire. Especially psi-deficient Americans.

Of the two hardest to defeat, the most powerful are Depression and Anxeity. Actually, I'm only 'anxious' with regards to one isolated matter; a matter that will soon, one way or the other, be resolved. My depression was largely re-inforced by both tragic events and extreme biological upheaval (I was apparently close to death; indeed one doctor can't believe I survived heh) — try having enough energy for a pulse of just 50 bpm and see how you feel on a bad day.