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American Democracy ... Dead in the Water [video]

Created: Sunday, June 12th, 2005
05:14:07 UTC
Last modified: Sunday, June 12th, 2005
21:35:07 UTC

This is a letter i did *not* mail my boss.


I do not nkow if you are aware, but yesterday the Republicans scheduled an extended debate on making all of hte Patriot Act provisions permanent. They scheduled it for the earliest non-emergency meeting ever in the 227+ year history of the House of Representatives, 8:20 AM on a Friday morning, when Congress wasn't even in session, in order for htere to be minimal attendence of lawmakers as they do for all legislation that is aimed at destroying American freedom. For instance, the Federal Reserve Act was rushed through both houses and signed by Wilson on Dec 23, 1913, a full hour before Christmas recess when the chambers were only 15% full.

Yesterday was similar, but what was different was how the Democrat minority behaved. For the first time ever in this congress, they motioned to extend the debate and bring in their own witnesses — all the previous witnesses were hand-selected by the Republican chairman and were very biased towards the Patriot Act. A black woman associated with Amnesty International took the podium as the second (of four scheduled) witinesses and began by asking that, if innocent until proven guilty is a bedrock American value, where in the patriot act does it allow even a way to proven one's innocence? The crowd spontaneously applauded at such truth finally being spoken. When she was finished, the Chairman took the mic (out of turn), refused to yield (despite being required to by regulations), and bashed the woman for being "disrepectful to the Union." The crowd (mostly congressmen, mind you) became very agitated at this point and he banged the gavel.

He then did the unthinkable. Before the woman witness was released, before the other two witnesses were called, before there was the scheduled debate, and before they voted on whether or not they could even proceed with voting of the permanent status of the Patriot Act, the Chairman ... and 3/4 of the attending Republican congressmen ... walked out of the room.

Yes you heard that right. One of the most important reviews of legal code was stopped, dead in its tracks, by one biased congressman (who helped write the Patriot Act). They then turned off the mics and left the democrats shouting at each other to be heard. At the end, an influential Arabian pundit ... the CEO of Zogby polls, James Zogby stated to the still-present people/reporters:

"I just saw something...totally inappropriate. No mic on and no record being kept. But I think as we are lecturing foreign governments about the conduct of their behavior with regard to opposition — when I see the behavior I saw here today as an American — I'm really troubled about what kind of lesson this is going to teach to other countries in the world about how they ought to conduct an open society that allows for an opposition with rights. I'm sorry, I'm very offended." [applause in the room]

This is where ticketstogo.com can sort of come in. The various pieces of correspondence are flooding the Internet at the moment. The person who broke the story went from 20 people a day to over 500,000 and the videos were taken offline. He was referred to me by someone who uses my program and wants me to put his files on the filesharing network , which I have done. In order to link to them I have had him link to my website, yet my website currently cannot take that load either. Over the last 18 housr I have purchased an additional server just for the hundreds of thousands of people coming to get the videos. I've logged almost 250,000 visitors in the last 10 hours.

this is spreading like wildfire. The guy who posted these is employed by MSNBC.com. His page was linked to by them. his website went from a PR 1 to a PR 8 and google added his site to their "news" section, giving him far more credit than normal. Over 500 websites have linked to his site in the last 24 hours and apparently 137 have linked to my site too. These are sometimes huge sites with PR 8s and 9s...

The videos can be obtained from my servers at
The last testimony
where chairman quits

It's actually quite crazy. I don't know if you know politics but this stunt basically totally disregarded the voices of literally millions of Americans in a mad display of Power. The responses have been shock from both sides of the political spectrum; as Mr. Zogby points out, these show a government out of control. People are passing the videos around bootlegged, emailing them to friends, etc. There have been over 5 million downloads cummulatively over the last 24 hours from all the affiliated sites (not just mine) and each one gets ~300 backlinks.

So if TTGO wants back links I could probably hook you up right now for free.