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Seeking nice person

Created: Sunday, June 12th, 2005
05:36:50 UTC
Last modified: Thursday, June 30th, 2005
04:33:50 UTC

Update (29 June 2005): #1 in MSN and Yahoo for "Seeking Nice Person" :-)

23 year-old male seeking a [hetero|bi]sexual female in her 20s who wouldn't mind being a monogamous companion. I will risk all, give all, and even potentially give up my freedom for your benediction. All I want is to be loved in return, but even this isn't a requirement; just be a live-in friend. Sex is optional and purely at your disgression.

100% Satisfaction rating. Never dumped any one. Never been dumped for a fault of my own (it's always weird stuff like sexual orientation changes, cheating and the like). Never intentionally hurt any one. Quick to help. My love tends to be permanent, unchanging, and highly energetic.

Did I mention I have a plush bank account? O, right ... maybe that's setting me up for being scammed. Being scammed and knowing it is better than being alone; trust me on this one.