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Antipathy, not Fear

Created: Friday, June 17th, 2005
14:06:52 UTC
Last modified: Friday, June 17th, 2005
14:23:52 UTC

In response to Dumbocracy — The Silence of Americans's main precept that Americans are silent because they are fearful or dumb.

There's one thing that is systemmic in our country and it is not fear. Fear is a polling-day issue. The rest of the year Americans are apathetic. Even antipathetic (as in antipathy, wanting to cause harm to another). Just look at how many milliosn more made it out to vote just on making sure homosexuals remain unequal. That's not fear, that's apathy. if you dbout that attend the churches that I grew up in.

The segment that votes for Bush, the segment that hates gays, and the Patriotic if-u-speak-bad-about-America-you're-a-terrorist group are all by and large the same demographic: Evangelicals. Evangelicals that base their lives in hate hate because of all the fear that their OWN salvation is not secure — directly imposed on them by a vicious brainwashing circle that is most extreme in Pentecostals, Baptists, and their "non-denominational" bedfellows.

On the polar extreme is Mormonism, which takes up the slack as there is *very* little fear in that religion (from multiple years of personal involvement). no it gets to the same ends by manufacturing people into exactly the same sort of persona. You must be like every one...there's no fear invovlved, that's just how it ends up through meticiously developed propaganda and brainwashing. You can safely say you're one of ten thousand similiar individuals. Uniqueness is appalling to the Mormon Hive Mind.

Americans hate. We love killing desert niggers. You have no idea how many times I heard that phrase in public in Tucson, Arizona preceeding the Iraq war. Before we invaded Afghanistan, I joined about 10 others in a 5 day fast on the student campus lawn of the University of Arizona. On the fourth day a group of jocks came by and made sure thousands of students milling around were watching, they threw five huge milkshakes on top of us. This isn't fear. This is antipathy.

Americans will not save thier own people from viciously inhumane torture in American jails. We have torture just as bad in our own jails and no one — not even foreigners — give a damn. Apathy.

Ameriacns won't save their pets from viciously inhumane torture in the name of 'science'. Millions of missing pets a year end up in labs. You just thought Kitty ran away! NO! Kitty was sold on the underground research market. Kitty is getting acid shoved into her eyes, having cathetars inserted with no anesthetic; Kitty will only survive three months tops in the most horrible conditions where-in Kitty will either die horribly or be burned alive ala Auschwitz, in an incenerating oven, along with another 19 sharing her same, horrid fate. Pray for Kitty in cat purgatory next time you put on that facial moisturizer :-/ Kitty had that same stuff, only more potent, shoved up her nose and down her throat; injected into her veins. O wait! The FBI officially considers people who do something to save Kitty "ecoterrorists". Sorry, there's no hope for Kitty.

No, in 2004 I gave up all hope of saving this country by waking up the majority. They aren't asleep. PEOPLE ARE NOT ASLEEP!!! PEOPLE ARE WIDE AWAKE! Quit trying to make excuses for them! The culture has fallen, the people are barbaric, and the evil quotient in the land inexorably rises lock-and-step with the fascism exercised by the government.

There are *far* larger percentages of people willing to support the fascists today than the 4% that supported Hitler in the 30s. Of this I will bet every thing.

Become self-sufficient. Produce yoru own food via non-attended indoor hydroponics (zero pesticide, just add water + electricity + seeds + soil). Produce your own electircity via wind or solar. Produce yoru own water via small-scale desalinization, or dig a well. Total cost: $50,000. And best of all you can sell all of your proceeds now and they can only appreciate in value.