A needle of Hope
amid a haystack of Chaos.

How Does Hope Tick?

Created: Saturday, June 25th, 2005
17:53:38 UTC
Last modified: Saturday, June 25th, 2005
18:20:38 UTC

According to Psychological (Personality) types these are the characteristics which I have of both "introverted" and "extroverted" people, followed by those which I do not have.

Apparently I do not fit within the most common psychological profiles becqasue I am both equally intro- and extroverted *and* equally intuitive and sensing. E.g. At the same time I fit the FOUR psychological profiles of a human (no wonder I 'tire' people, lol!): ESFp ENFp ISFp INFp

Extroverts vs Introverts

Manifested traits:

  1. are interested in what is happening around them (e)

  2. are open and often talkative (e)

  3. compare their own opinions with the opinions of others (e)

  4. like action and initiative (e)

  5. say what they think (e)

  6. are interested in new people (e)

  7. often appear reserved, quiet and thoughtful (i)

  8. usually do not have many friends (i)

  9. have difficulties in making new contacts (i)

  10. like concentration and quiet (i)

  11. do not like unexpected visits and therefore do not make them (i)

  12. work well alone (i)

Extroverted tendencies I do not possess:

  1. easily make new friends or adapt to a new group

  2. easily break unwanted relations

Introverted tendencies I do not possess:

  1. need to have own territory

  2. are interested in their own thoughts and feelings

Sensing vs Intuition

Manifested traits:

  1. see everyone and sense everything (s)

  2. quickly adapt to any situation (s)

  3. are practical and active (s)

  4. are interested in everything new and unusual (i)

  5. do not like routine (i)

  6. often have doubts (i)

Unmanifested sensing traits:

  1. like pleasures based on physical sensation (i don't live for pleasure)

  2. are realistic and self-confident

Unmanifested intuition traits:

  1. are mostly in the past or in the future (there is some doubt about this)

  2. are attracted more to the theory than the practice

Thinking vs. Feeling

Manifested traits:

  1. are interested in systems, structures, patterns (t)

  2. evaluate things by intellect and right or wrong (t)

  3. are interested in people and their feelings (f)

  4. easily pass their own moods to others (f)

  5. pay great attention to love and passion (f)

  6. evaluate things by ethics and good or bad (f)

  7. can be touchy or use emotional manipulation (f)

  8. often give compliments to please people (f)

OK, it's definitive: I am a 'feeling' — aka caring — person.

Perceiving vs. Judging

Manifested traits:

  1. act impulsively following the situation (p)

  2. can start many things at once without finishing them properly (p)

  3. prefer to have freedom from obligations (p)

  4. work productivity depends on their mood (p)

  5. often act without any preparation (p)

  6. are curious and like a fresh look at things (p)

Non-manifested Judging traits:

  1. do not like to leave unanswered questions

  2. plan work ahead and tend to finish it

  3. do not like to change their decisions

  4. have relatively stable workability

  5. easily follow rules and discipline

Yep. Lack of judgement only hurts me when callous people with agendas are involved. I'm especially vulnerable when it comes to helping women whom every one else (usually accurately) judges as being very untrustworthy.

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