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Group Mind: How Labels Stunt Growth

Created: Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
03:34:00 UTC
Last modified: Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
03:42:00 UTC

Some [most?] people give themselves labels. Well, I am a Christian! Well, I'm a Republican! Well, I'm an atheist! Well I'm African! I'm Mexican! What ever happened to uncharacterized people, such as myself? I have very little idea what 'category' i fit into...mainly because I *don't*. There's a reason Jesus said, I am Who I am...any pigeon-holing of the human spirit is totally demeaning to the complexities of homosapien sentience, not to mention our highly diversified culture.

The closest I will come to pigeon-holing myself as I am in 2005 is: A spirit that currently inhabits a decisively male in hormone and physique body; who is attraced 98% of the time to women (usually those with nice breasts but a beautiful smile, thick thighs and a witty intellect combined trump all); who has an equal distribution of male/female characteristics + thoughts; and who believes that Life, God[dess], Evolution, Chance, Fate, and my Higher Self are all to greater or lesser degrees synonymous. If I am easily categorized, please let me know.

Perhaps labeling oneself as 'straight', 'male', 'spiritualist' is the same as specializing in "one" science, such as 'chemistry'. Chemistry devoid of Quantum Mechanics, or even Philosophy is a dead-end, yet millions get by in our culture just fine [almost]. I am neither 'straight' nor 'male' nor 'spiritualist'.

None of my friends are 'easily categorized', and *none* of my friends would categorize themselves. Most of my once-friends end up identifying predominantly with one aspect of the degraded culture and then find that I'm somehow less interesting now that they 'fit in' with others.

The goal is to continuously figure out who you are NOW (because you were different a moment ago) and not to escape the Main Quest by labelling yourself as something. There's a difference between "being attracted to women 98% of the time" and "being a heterosexual". The difference is in the 2%. If some guy who was my best friend asked me for 'more' in the relationship, I would certainly give it *great* thought, even though I statistically wouldn't be *physically* attracted to him. This possibility would be removed if i labeled myself as a 'heterosexual' because then I would have to necessarily challenge my identity, which is never fun and always hard.

By labeling yourself you do more to harm and limit your human potential than any thing else, imho. As the sage the Dalai Lama points out: Westerners tend to "sin" significantly more than non-Westerners (in terms of mass murder and such) because we have the label of "fallible man" embedded in our culture. Should we ever believe ourselves to be capable of perfection, then we significantly increase our chances.

Don't label yourself! Revel in the 2% and the unpredictable nature of your Life. God[dess]'s primary quality is Ever-changing. As you become more like God[dess] the more uncertain you become of how to define yourself...Hell! A *MAJOR* objective of Existence is to help God[dess] figure out what s/he is! Think of religions as God[dess]'s view of him-/herself at any given time throughout the dawn of Man; that insight *just* came to me :o

My dream woman will know this! She will exemplify feminine ways, a desire to be led by a guy (me) who has his act together in ways that few do, and will find pleasure in the simple, yet profound, aspects of life: sunsets, sunrises, warm waters, foreign shores, basking in the sun, being in my arms til sunrise.

She will know what it means to be loved but more importantly, she will know how to show love. She will love me to the point of surrender but be self-assured to the point of independence. She will be strong yet willing to place her strength in her faith in me, will want to collapse into my arms and will seek my trust and approval.

I don't know if she's out there, but I do know that I will try to wait, at least a while longer. Just in case.

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