A needle of Hope
amid a haystack of Chaos.

My Professional Responsibilities

Created: Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
15:02:36 UTC
Last modified: Friday, November 4th, 2005
05:40:36 UTC

Below is a fairly complete enumeration of the on-going tasks I have accumulated over the past few months. Indeed, if there is one frequent characteristic shared by my responsibilities is the long-term and frequent nature of most. The list is sorted by the order in which I recall them and is probably not exhaustive. At $10.50 / hour , I do believe that my payrate is my biggest job security (even though traffic has increased 1500% in June over that of January when I started).

  1. Check web statistics very often, at least every 3 hours, in order to analyze

    1. visitor trends,

    2. SEO and advertising campaign success, and

    3. monitor site problems and attacks.

  2. Refactor the remaining old TicketsToGo.com site to a far more accessible, extensible, and maintainable form (75% done).

    1. Sections that need work include

      1. Sports: NCAA Football/Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, NASCAR, Hockey, Rodeo

      2. Family

      3. Venues

      4. Sitemap

      5. Policies

    2. Sections that have been completed:

      1. Sports: MLB, NBA, NFL

      2. Concerts

      3. State Venues Listings

      4. Theater

      5. Main page

  3. Modify existing ticketstogo.com to a) fix mistakes b) make it more user-friendly c) make it faster for users, and D) SE optimize (ordered in decreasing emphasis).

  4. Research the continous major fluxations in Search Engines – in early 2004 there was technically one search engine — Yahoo split in June 2004, MSN split in January 2005 — thus effectively tripling the workload of SEOs.

  5. Try to find patterns in the search engines (I focus on MSN and then Google).

  6. Think of possibly great innovations for corporation (though usually occurs in off time).

  7. Fix the computers in the back, change Ips, etc.

  8. Maintain all computers; be technical support.

  9. Maintain the four webservers the ~20 sites rest upon.

  10. Manage ~70 domain names.

  11. (speculative) Convert TicketsToGo [to something else].

  12. (speculative) Convert u2tickets [to something else].

  13. (speculative) Continue work on astro-tickets [for something else].

  14. (speculative) Begin steps to migrate TicketsToGo to a [different] website.

  15. (speculative) Begin work on porting TTGO from web-based to PHP+XML-based ticket info retrieval.

  16. Design new eye-catching themes for Astro-Tickets and U2 (not my specialty)

  17. Search the internet for 'scraper' sites that steal our data to improperly influence SE ranking.

  18. Take steps to end the negative effects.

  19. Design new schemes at preventing pagejacking.

  20. Figure out who is involved in past pagejackings.

  21. Find and initiate new ad campaigns with focus on efficiently driving thousands of targeted people to the site through ethical means.

  22. Always thinking about ways to gain user-loyalty, generally through such things as fast page load time, professional appearance of standards-compliant pages, and new user interface controls (such as the proprosed smart-search combobox).

Time spent composing this document: 1 hour 2 minutes.