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Lawyers in a Fascist Society

Created: Friday, July 1st, 2005
02:45:38 UTC
Last modified: Friday, July 1st, 2005
02:58:38 UTC

Today I sought legal representation for the 4-count traffic ticket I received last Monday and the pending warrant for my arrest in conjunction with my failure to appear to a court meeting of which I was never aware because of an expired vehical registration sticker on my Ford Explorer. The same car that I drove 40,000 miles in, the same car that was once driven by Crefn; where she learned to drive on the interstate. Needless to say, it got totalled in an accident 56 days later.

The lawyer's advice struck me: Don't bother about the inspection. I said, "Excuse me? There would be a warrant for my arrest!" He told me that the law was >quote<bullsh*t>/quote< and that the state wouldn't bother spending money to fulfill a warrant for a $77 ticket. He said instead that I merely go to the court house the day of, bring $50 for bail, declare no contest, turn myself in, give the bond money directly to the court clerk and — voilà — unless the state hated me, they would declare the paperwork "misfiled" and I would be released. he assured me it is how the system works...like how they're going to get my other charges completely dropped the day before court by effectively bribing them by giving them the $25 fee for processing and giving them more free time on the docket.

The idea behind vehicular registration and jail time isn't about trapping intelligent, generally middle-class and above people who are smart enough to hire a lawyer for $50 / offense versus paying $300 for each and a record. No, such laws are always meant to increase the hold on the lower castes of society. Think about it. You're a single mother of 2, you work two minimum wage shifts each day. You don't have enough money for a bogus vehicle registration and you can FORGET about having two hours off to go get it. So we lock you up and you're fucked. You've lost your job and thanks to Bush's welfare reform we won't help you out cuz we already did when your last dead-beat boyfriend empregnated you with little Sarah there and then left. The bastard.

Nah, we'd rather spend the money we could give you on things like putting people like you in jail for vehicle registrations, for killing innocent babies via uranium in Iraq, like money for "artists" just because they happen to say they are attracted to other guys, o, and let's not forget money spent on making sure your medicine costs stay at their absurdely expensive highs!

Power to the people? Ya! The people who desire to shove the Corporate Boot down your throat.