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153.49 days of Hope remaining — Paradigm Shift

Created: Thursday, April 28th, 2005
02:14:03 UTC
Last modified: Friday, June 3rd, 2005
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153.49 days, or 5 months, 3 days 11 hours 48 minutes
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Today, during one of my — now routine — view-of-reality-enhancing power lunch hours, I had what amounts to the largest epiphany I have had in years; count them, three years. It was not some new idea; it was a rephrasing of one I first formulated in mid-2000. And yes, it revolves around the very essence of reality, the Meaning of Life, and the Definition of God. :o

In 2000, while reading The Living Energy Universe by Prof. Gary Schwartz of the Univ. of Arizona (my alma mater), I realized that literally every thing is alive. That the an emergent property of the entire essence of existence — what I self-termed The Recurrent Actuality.

Well, today I read this in Tomorrow's God point and I swear, it was as if Goddess was actually talking to me; the words rang so true in my soul:

God is Life...Life is God...

Life IS. Life is that which IS. It has no shape, no form, no gender. It has no color, no fragrance, no size. It is ALL shapes, all forms, all colors, fragrances, and sizes. It is both genders, and that which is genderless as well...

[T]here is another word that is interchangeable with God, and that is "Change."...God is that which is Constantly Present and Constantly Changing, suiting Itself to each moment, so that God may be understood in that moment, embraced in that moment, experienced in that moment, and expressed in that moment.

[A]ll energy is self-aware, but not all energy is aware that it is self-aware...

It also explains in words that I simply cannot collate as quotes that when each individual quanta gets to the point where it realizes that it is *not* synonymous with the larger System it is a part of that it segments its memory from that of the System, and due to the ensuing lack of knowledge, behaves — well — erratically; e.g. growing self-awareness is the cause of Chaos.

On a macro level this makes incredible sense: As humans learn more and become more self-aware, the more damage we are doing to the Earth! We need to become enlightened through a new religious paradigm to the point that we no longer act out so short-sightedly. In order to tap that new energy, we need to know it exists by having a radically different view of what makes a god[dess].


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