A needle of Hope
amid a haystack of Chaos.

Two Parallel Synchronicities

Created: Thursday, July 7th, 2005
03:47:34 UTC
Last modified: Friday, November 4th, 2005
05:47:34 UTC

I was watching 30 Days again tonight, this time about a 24 yr-old Right-wing Christian from podunk Michigan who thinks that "God hates fags" who got to spend 30 days immersed in the gayest place on Earth, literally, Castro Street of San Francisco. It was really lame compared to the other episodes, so when they mentioned the book What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality, I literally threw off the TV and rushed down to Barnes & Noble (some 15 miles away and the closest bookstore ::cries::).

I knew some thing was strange when all front store lights went off when I opened up the door. When I walked inside, the backup generator went out (we're having a rain-free electrical storm), the store went dark — a woman in the back yelped — all for about 3 seconds.

The woman-girl at the helpdesk (which was perculiarly staffed despite the crowd) immediately brought an incredible array of pleasant memories, as well as a double-take, triple-take, and then a momentary sense of panic ... truly this was the first incredibly attractive female I had seen in a long time...it was all the more weird in that she had shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes, and a facial complexion virtually identical to Crefn, although she was larger in almost every way but the mouth, eyes, and cheeks (near matches). Same glasses, too.

She must have wondered why i was slightly stutering, fidgeting, and unusually rseerved; she asked if there was something wrong. "Um, nothing", I muttered. "You just look remarkably like one of my old friends I haven't seen in years." O? Ya, I showed her a picture — one of less than five — that I keep in my wallet, and she was pretty shocked too. Jane was basically a 15 pound heavier, 2 inch taller Crefn. It was bizarre. I asked if I could take her photo at a later date adn she said sure, she works every day except saturday.

I headed to the New Age section of the store. All of a sudden, I hear a jovial, "TEd!!" from a distant, yet familiar voice. It was Drew Crumbaugh (***-771-3847). He and I were debate partners for about 4 contests my Senior year (his junior). Last time we met it was 2003 and he was back from college; in Barnes and Noble. Second to last time we met it was 2002...in barnes and noble. He claims he never goes there, and this is the fourth time I've been there all year (his first, apaprently).

He thought it was funny how I transition from religions. He met me as a fundie Christian, was there when I apostasized my Junior year, met me again when I was an agnostic, then a Mormon, and now firmly in the "New Spirtualism" category. Kick-ass, I think :-) He meets me in every great epoch of my life, so I can't help but wonder what's in store for me in the coming months!!

Times like these really confirm that nothign is Chance if one doesn't want one's life to be meaningless.

In other news, I think my boss is coming on to me...all she did was complain about how her husband does this, her husband does that...to me after hours (for about 45 min). Hell, at $20+/hr overtime I don't care what she talks about, but it was weird. I'm wary. [[censored]]

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