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Mormon Satanism — LDS Black Masses

Created: Saturday, July 9th, 2005
22:46:37 UTC
Last modified: Saturday, July 9th, 2005
22:48:37 UTC


I was once personally a Latter Day Saint (technically still am), so please don't think I am bashing Mormons — and please do NOT fall into such a hate-trap!

I just wanted to know if you are familiar with the heavily guarded leaked document by one of the church's Prophets (very very high up) where he documents the conclusions of *10,000* interviews with youths in which he reaches the conclusion that there is a vast underground Satanist network within traditional LDS wards (aka districts) in Utah. he estimated back in 1987 that possibly 100,000 women and children in Utah alone were ritualistically abused from birth to pre-teens by Satanists.

The plot is so sadistic that THOUSANDS of children would be *born* underground (literally in basements), with no record beign kept up thier existence. They would then either be used for human sacrifices (boys and unattractive girls) or as "breeders" for a continuous supply
of child sacrifices and controlled subjects.

Heavily abused minds fracture. These people would *scientifically* damage minds so that they would break into controllable patterns. It has been proven that the hyponotized mind can remember and recite an arbitrary amount of information. Thus some of these people, later in
life, are used as sleeper cells, in the literal sense.

When you want to relay a message (or conduct a task) you call up BrainWashed person and tell them the magic word and then the message (or task). They then deliver the message and are told another secret word, go back home and have "missing time". Usually they have pre-programmed stories to explain this — most notably alien abductions.

Ponder this.
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