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Slow day

Created: Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
02:33:38 UTC
Last modified: Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
02:36:38 UTC

I left work at 4:00. got to teh court house at 4:25. They say they don't accept personal checks. No worry, ATM down the road...still have till 5, right?


Place closed at 4:30 :-/ What the hell closes at 4:30?! Esp. a courthouse...what about employeed people?!

Well, needless to say I'm taking off work in the morning...I have to be there w/ a hefty amount of cash ($177), plus a triple-digit bribe — err, 'court expenses' ($100) — first thing in the morning or there will be a warrant out for my arrest. Just because of a damn expired safety inspection sticker which I renewed w/n 5 days of the ticket but they totalled my car in Nov and i have no 'proof' i renewed it.

Two days in houston jail probably isn't that bad any way, if i get put there on a saturday night and am out sunday afternoon. Been through a lot worse for love.