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152.93 days of Hope remaining — Affecting the Universe

Created: Thursday, April 28th, 2005
15:35:13 UTC
Last modified: Thursday, April 28th, 2005
16:13:13 UTC

152.93 days, or 5 months, 2 days 22 hours 22 minutes

Well, I finally accomplished two long-held goals today: I made my first RSS feed and made it a counter for the boundary condition this site revoles around. Just look at the GiveMeHope.org in the upper right :=)

One of the best things I learned in 2004 was my affect on the Universe... It was one of the great insights I received from hanging out with the members of the Houston LaRouche Youth, and I owe this particular one to the very awesome guy who goes by the name Chris Landry [I was actually a part of that first link result's story].

By far the most difficult part of motivating people to be a part of any movement — in this case inspiring the populace to vote against Bush in 2004 — is convincing them that they — yes, they! — can, in fact, change their own destiny. Most people are so hopelessly a part of / enslaved by The System (to quote Morpheus) that they are actually shocked when some one, any one, comes up to them and says five magic words:

YOU can change the world!

While I have always believed this sentiment, it was the question that Chris asked me that *really* rocked my world:

Can you change the UNIVERSE?

After my hubris kicked in with a joke riddled in sarcasm, I feebly said, "Maybe, if senescence technology really leaps foward; maybe by 2080 I could be on Mars?"

Of course, that was based on a fundamentally flawed axiom that I held at the core of my being:

The Universe is every thing outside of Ted in particular and outside of Earth in general.

Suddenly, upon simply pondering this question for the first time I had an eureka moment:

O MY GODDESS! I am part of the Universe!!

It is to such a degree that we are part of the Universe (and necessarily of eath other) that so as a butterfly in New York can cause a hurricane in Tawaiin, so just purely thinking could subtely influence the orbit of planets thousands of light-years away.

So, next time someone sarcastically / or hopelessly / tells you that you cannot change the world, respond, "Hell, I'm already changing the Universe!" See how they respond! I've gotten some terrific feedback from people, and this one idea — that we are, indeed, affecting the outcome of the Universe with every passing thought — opens up people's minds more than any other I have yet encountered.

Hope it helps,

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