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Where to meet People?

Created: Thursday, July 14th, 2005
00:21:40 UTC
Last modified: Thursday, July 14th, 2005
00:41:40 UTC

I have this problem. Where can I meet young people in Pearland, Texas? I have no idea! Honest to God[dess]!

The *only* places I can think of are bars and churches; neither make for great conversations and I'm opposed to both for many of the same reasons.

Yet, I'm incredibly lonely, post-Crefn. Somehow just the hope of having her in my life again made all of my present ills seem ... well, temporary. Now I realize that not only will it be long-term but it's already been this way since at least December 2004.

I literally have not talked face to face to a single person under 30 in 2 weeks, adn that was Paul. Discounting 22 year-old Paul and his girlfriend, I haven't talked to a person under 30 in ... o (well there's Adea last wednesday) ... hmm, since Nick was here in March.

No, for real.