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Lyrics: Paris — Sonic Jihad — Sheep to the Slaughter

Created: Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
17:33:22 UTC
Last modified: Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
18:06:22 UTC

This is *another* song who's lyrics I have found no where! It is an awesome song that is used as the intro to several 9/11-related radio programs and documentaries.

Paris — People to the Slaughter

(Thousands of war protestors chanting): We want Justice.
Girl: What's wrong, Mommy?
Mom: The people are upset about some things, darling.
Girl: Why are they yelling?
Mom: They want attention. They're trying to get attention so that people will listen to them.

Leader: This is our way of trying to get some media attention. Because they are ignoring us; they're ignoring the anti-war movement; they're ignoring the anti-government movement. We love our country but we cannot trust our government any more. Our government is totally out of control.
Leader: George Bush is full of shit. And who do you believe? Do you believe George Bush or do you believe me? That's what it's coming down to. Do you believe your neighbors? Do you believe the people that live in your home town, or do you believe these mad-dog killers in Washington, D.C.?

Speaker: Are we setting up a situation where young people, who are just starting to come of age, are going to have no choice but to either join the military — where there seems to be a lot of money — or to go to jail where there seems to be a lot of money. Is that what this is lining up to be?

Protestor: When we — when we stand here today, it is not enough to simply be for peace! We have to be for social justice! The fact is that right now, even as we are talking, people are being murdered by US imperialism throughout the Middle East, and throughout the world.

Protestor Mom: Our sons and our daughters are out there being used as canon fodder? It's an outrage! And we should stand up and seize the hour, and fight back!

If there is going to be any peace on Earth, it is going to come as a consequence of our people uniting to defeat US imperialism once and for all!

Easily I approach the microphone
In this land of jokes, can't leave it alonec
Cuz you know, I can see right through
Corrupt plans and these bullshit scams and untruths.
We livin in a maze different days and times
The world is a stage; most truth is a lie.
In this Propaganda Matrix, the sheep just die
For these motorists, conservatives with corporate ties
Deny knowledge or the truth, ignoring the poor
They just human ammunition for these capital whores
Just human ammunition and collateral D
That's why millions of us — hot — are rising up in the streets
And when you see me understand I'm representing a voice
The majority would feel if they were given a choice
I don't need to see the media, they only annoy
Cuz the only ones that want to scrap aint' never deployed
Who do the fightin for these rich white folks and their wars?
No it ain't Drew Carey, Dennis Miller restored
Fox News, Mike Savage, Bruce Willis, or Rush
Won't be MSNBC, CNN, or Bush
Never Toby Keith, Hannity, O'Reilly, or Clinton
Ain't Clear Channel; no they ain't supporting dissent
Never Blair, Kid, Rock'a Tom, Cruise, or Valve
James Woods, Rob Lowe, Tom Selek, or Powell
Not Arnold Schwarezeneggar; he ain't goin shooting
A Ted Nuggent cause in war Target's got weapons too
Ain't Cheney, Rumsfeld, Halliburton, or Ridge
A Anne Coulter and Joseph Lieberman-ator Rich
Or any bitch up in Congress, they just make laws
When it come to fightin, we the ones who end up in Gaul
So when you say support that murderer I have no applause
Even if he got his jumpsuit on we pay the cost

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