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Survivor Guatemala; Day 30: Gary Goes Home :D

Created: Friday, November 25th, 2005
02:02:30 UTC
Last modified: Friday, November 25th, 2005
02:09:37 UTC

Gary, Stephanie's largest threat (unless I'm seriously underestimating Rafe) Gary was voted off tonight :-) In the words of Judd (the most legit male Survivor I've ever seen): Gary's been running around the forest the last 2 days like a starving squirrel looking for a damn nut; he needs to get the hell out of here.

Seriously, I looked up to Gary. If Stephannie had been voted off already — well, I honestly would have stopped watching Survivor, maybe permanently; but if she wasn't in this game at all — I would honestly be rooting for Judd and Gary in the Final 2, with Cindy 3rd and Rafe number four. I think Cindy has had to go through a *lot* more adversity than any one this season and has grown the most as a character (Judd is a close second). Gary is an awesome guy, but he lied about his name, claimed he didn't lie, and even tried to get others to turn on Stephany. That's just ... wrong!

Gary had to go and I just wish he had been voted off last week (for real), because Jamie wasn't going to stay (he'd need too much medication) and Gary is an infinitely greater threat. My dream scenario? Judd or Cindy vs Stephanie in the Final 2; or if she is voted out, substitute Judd in her place. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing Judd or Cindy winning the prize; but, for real! Lydia Has GOT to Go!