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U.S.A.: The Scientific Dictatorship

Created: Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
05:09:09 UTC
Last modified: Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
05:23:09 UTC

Scientific DictatorshipProfessor Steven E. Jones only was in the public eye for five days before BYU told him to stop giving interviews. Now the university has issued a public statement distancing itself from Jones and even discrediting his work. Critics suggest Bush administration had its dirty hand in forcing BYU to 'shut up' its professor.


First of all, the professor was like *SO* many Americans...He *obviously* had not known of the *thousands* of physics and other scientists around the world who had already released peer-reviewed studies *proving* the twin towers (and esp building 7) were intentionally and professionally destroyed by demolition experts with the use of high-grade C4 explosives in the basements and the support columns of every 10th floor (as you can see clearly (about 15 such explosions) on my friend's 9/11 documentary Loose Change 9/11: http://enigs.xmule.ws/)

Secondly, this prof *assumes* that people will actually give a damn.

Third, he makes the *horrible* blunder of not expecting Mormons — and especially the seemingly-blindly pro-state Mormon institutions — to extremely censor him. Gee, I could almost even see an excommunication from talking to some Mormons. All I know is that I walked out of the spring 2003 conference when I heard a prophet say that we must support the Iraq war, after giving mention to Mormons being traditionally pacifist. I knew then there were no weapons of mass destruction; and wasn't its Satan's plan to give me freedom (democracy) by enslaving them?

This country is very very ripe for Aldous Huxley's scientific dictatorship, in which people believe they are free and consciously enforce their own enslavement. With thousands upon thousands of institutions like BYU (at least in this instance), who needs thought police? The number of Americans passively resisting number in the literal handfuls. We are easily arrested and thrown away. I know; I've been there.

Canadians just unelected EVERY Single member of parliament..all 150 of them...plus their president. Why? CAMPAIGN FINANCE FRAUD :O Here, Tom DeLay, leader of the House Republicans, is indicted of campaign finance fraud on massive levels and the Republican House merely passes laws that allow him to retain office for two years extra, until he is finally sent to trial for said charges.

How far has the country fallen in the last 5 years? Well! Europe has just said it will strip EU membership from any and all countries (even big ones like France and Germany) that have been knowingly complicit in the United States secret torture prisons that we just found out about 2 weeks ago. O right...no one here seems to know about those. Freedom of Press not to report these things, you see. It's funny. Here it's OK to torture people in Iraq and Afghanistan and if you're an American citizen? No problemo!! We'll slingshot you all through Europe, land you in an abandoned Soviet prison complex, and torture you there.

Think about the qualities of a "rogue" state:

Look. People have already started to be literally killed by the current regime. Winning the — albeit fixed — 2004 election just makes things so very much worse. And what do you think about all those still-attached Bush 2004 bumper stickers? I don't remember such gloating with Clinton. The question is whether you want your children to be free Americans or free Mexicans because quite frankly, given current trends, they'll have a better chance of being free in Mexico (stating that it doesn't become occupied by America) than here in the next 10 years. The real event happen before mid-November 2008 when we see if we'll have 20 more years of Bush Co.