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Illegitimate Nature of European Union

Created: Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
17:22:00 UTC
Last modified: Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
17:24:30 UTC

As an American freedom striver, I am fairly amazed that so many Europeans passively accept the fascist nature of the European Union. How many of the European MPs that voted for this resolution did you actually vote for? Most of all, where are the checks and balances?

As an ardent student of American and European history, I must confess that the European Union is in a cross-roads crossed disasterously by the united states of America [sic] back in 1864, when Abraham Lincoln forged a single United Federal State at gun-point and the lives of a million people. You *mustn't* similarily give up your self-determinism for some fascist collective! If power indeed corrupts, the only politicians that should have sway over your personal lives should be (literally) within the arms reach of a well-armed populace; otherwise, it only takes one armed tyrant to control 1,000.

So, if you do not like the Iraq War, fear a Patriot Act in your home land (with all its free wiretaps, torture camps, and execution without charge), dislike George W. Bush, or even believe 9/11 was an inside job, just think! In 20 more years you'll be far more like the United Corporations of America, sharing a lot more of these tyrannical horrors with your brothers across the sea. But by that point, who are we going to look to for help? India? China? Right...

I really believe we need to throw off the shackles of the nation-state system that was created by bankers (*), for Bankers and of serfs and bankers, and embrace some type of micro-sovereignty system more in line with the original Articles of Confederation at the beginning of the United States (1777-1779). See The Ethics of Secession and Succession.Net.

In the interim, I would encourage you to increasing support the development of open source peer-2-peer networks on non-proprietary operating systems, such as xMule: P2P for Unix as a strong-encryption, P2P method of sharing information is a critical weapon in fighting encroaching fascism of any size or figure. Especially given the new retention policies, would it not make sense to dedicate an increasing share of your private communications over some such network in an operating system that is significantly difficult to hide exploits?

In the end, we must realize that governments only help their citizens inasmuch as politicians fear for their very well-being.
HopeSeekr of xMule

(*) Bankers refers to a select handful (no more than 300) people, generally from the same family trees, that run the majority of the world's central banks, control the flow of the majority of the world's currencies, and thus control economic booms, busts, and thus governments (through bribes, blackmail and market forces).

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