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Scientists Discover The Soul

Created: Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
13:53:50 UTC
Last modified: Friday, January 20th, 2006
17:20:19 UTC

Do Not Offend Water — It Remembers Every Word You Say

At Last Scientist Are Discovering The Soul

It is actually fairly rare for me to uncover recent articles that explain a significant aspect of the reality framework I have adopted — systemic memory. Systemic Memory extends common sense notions that are hardly ever extropolated and melds with known quantum physics facts of non-locality (actions instantaneous at a distance without transfer of information/energy), quantum pairing (the resulting bond between any two particles wherein if you know how one is behaving you will know how the other is; any where it may be in the universe) and the uncertainty principle (matter will behave as a wave if you expect it to or particles if you expect that).

Now, Paul is probably aghast at this point as I have just substituted the proofs of the above concepts with their 'official' definitions; which strive very hard to meld these revolutionary findings with age-old accepted truths: There is no non-locality, there is no such thing as two distinct particles behaving the same across light years; there is certainly no such thing as uncertainty in physics! At least at the macro level, they will tell you.

However, consider the cosmos as a democracy. Just pretend — for the sake of metaphor — each little quanta is person. When viewed up close, s/he behaves quite uniquely and may even find a soul mate with whom they bond so closely that they pick up each other's traits so much taht they behave the same even when apart; some of the most closely bonded may even know when the other is in trouble, or even thinking about their name. These quanta people also have their very own idiosyncracies that no one in the world has and even have a great deal of freedom to think and do as they please, even when it seems totally irrational or even Against The Law; which is — according to philosophers like John Locke — merely accepted orders of conduct constructed by the masses through an ever-evolving implicit community consensus of wills.

Funny; when you treat quanta like people, all the idiosyncracies of quantum physics fit the modl. (such as particles blantaly disobeying Newton's laws of motion, such as particles travelling faster-than-light through solid objects, such as particles being waves simultaneously, such as aspects of time travelling quantum pairing...etc etc).

Anyway, the entire point of systemic memory is that it leads to a theory in which every thing (from literally the tiniest quanta) is alive, interacting with every thing else, and remembers and grows with each interation (even to the point of evolving). Laws aren't eternally immutable as much as they are just really really really accepted social norms by, well, every thing; or as far as we can tell (spacecraft that are well otuside the solar system are inexplicably speeding up).