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Tom DeLay resigned; Fascist apparatus broken!

Created: Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
03:21:17 UTC
Last modified: Wednesday, April 5th, 2006
03:34:03 UTC

Tom DeLay just resigned!!! He went from being arguably the 4th most powerful person in the world, just under Karl Rove, as the Majority Leader of the Republican Party from 2000 to 2005. He had his leadership role revoked when a judge decided there were some merits to the conspiracy charges leveled against him in 2004. his 2004 redistricting of the Texas zones, especially in my home city of Houston, gave the Republicans the majority control of Congress they needed to effectively ram through every piece of Bush legislation he desired.

At 5 PM one of his Congressional staff aides pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charges and the Republicans were so afraid of him being convicted before the General Election in November that he resigned and will promptly move to Virginia so that a new Republican nominee that is yet to be determined may run in his stead.

For the protest I was part of back in October 2004, see my friend's article THE HAMMER, NAILED AGAIN. Here are the lyrics we sang out to him:

Tom DeLay you are a stinker, Gonna throw you in the klinker. You're a crook, you dirty schnook, Lyndon LaRouche will throw the book At you for corporate donations Casino cash from reservations, Big money from Bacardi rum. So now just go to jail and suck your thumb. O Tom, you know you know that no one ever could Be born again in Colson's brotherhood. Bad guy, you lie Now tell the truth: You're NO DAMN GOOD! So Tom, go pack your bags today; Leave Washington, be on your way Improve Texas, Congress, without DeLay!