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Natasha Richardson Synchronicity

Created: Saturday, April 22nd, 2006
05:02:25 UTC
Last modified: Friday, May 5th, 2006
04:14:24 UTC

Natasha RichardsonSo, tonight I came home and turned on the TV; it was a repeat of Stargate Atlantis so I quickly flipped to StarzW (522). There was a 1998 movie (Parent Trap) staring Lindsey Lohan as an 11 yr-old mediocre actress but the movie was made alive by the magical stage art of Natasha Richardson, whom I've never seen before. Indeed, this is really one of seven movies she has made since Parent Trap and I didn't recognize a single name. I immediately went to Blockbuster to see if I could rent Parent Trap, found out they didn't carry it, and then a just-released-this-week title caught my eyes. For starters it was misplaced; it should have been on the opposite side of the store. So, I take it home, plug it in, and lo and behold! Natasha Richardson is protagonist!! What are the odds? right? Synchronicity! I've been having *lots* of those recently (6 in the last week); really, the most since 2003. Anyway, this movie is really quite depressing and I sympathized with Stella; the entire world ganged up on her and she just couldn't find happiness. I actually detested the ending while I realize that reality is actually probably far more sinister and mean. The feeling I'm left with is how god awful humanity is to the wonderful people. So hug some one who looks like they need to be hugged; you don't know when doing so will remarkably save some one's life. Every one is more depressed than you think. Natasha Richardson