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Illuminated Secrets to How the World Works

Created: Thursday, June 8th, 2006
14:36:39 UTC
Last modified: Thursday, June 8th, 2006
14:37:42 UTC

In short they want to create the perfect panopticon.

The universe as we know it is Maya (hindi for "illusion") ala the Matrix. We have psychic beings that must feed off other's energy like the Ori of Stargate in order to survive. They communicate with certain humans via mental telepathy and for the most part these humans think it is *they* themselves who think such thoughts. Some humans are genetically far superior to this form of manipulation than others, this is where you get the "royal bloodlines" and all that stuff. They feed specifically on the emotions of fear and hate.

Therefore all current world politics is aimed at increasing fear and hate, primarily in the 20th century through civil wars and now in the 21st via terrorism and race wars (coming soon to Euro and America). These theoretically immortal beings — not unlike the physical vampires of lore (who are really humans-in-training to become these 'masters') — have had numerous and changing goals for humanity since the "beginning" (probably some 300,000 years ago and spanning several species of humanoid); at first they just wanted rare materials such as gold and what not probably in a bid to entice other aliens to come rescue them, but since that apparently failed (for instance, the nuclear blast craters in egypt called the "libyan glass desert") approx 4,000 years ago, they have shifted gears quite dramtically.

Instead of being their out-and-out slaves, they now wish for us to become a hive-minded trader caste much like themselves. To otherwise 'break' the human spirit to such a degree that it would never seek to throw off its imaginary handcuffs, they ahve thus embarked us on a psychotic journey where we personally will destroy our entire planet at around the exact same time we have developed (w/ their help) intersteller planetary travel.

With so much emotional baggage around destroying our own planet, we will be the perpectually co-dependent slaves others have told them were impossible; all while giving them a level of energy *and* scientific innovation *and* level of productivity no strictly-totalitarian regime could ever produce.

In short they want to create the perfect panopticon.