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amid a haystack of Chaos.

Emotional Whore / Intellectual Whore

Created: Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
03:37:26 UTC
Last modified: Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
04:37:18 UTC

Women who are whores are used by men for physical support. Men who are whores are used by women for emotional support. While female whores are publically deningrated and feel horrible, male whores generally are overlooked and tend to be some of the most otherwise-well-off individuals. Why is this?

In normal relationships, men lead women; it's genetic. Power in today's culture translates largely into subjugation of weak-willed women, vs. the respect, rightness, and authority vested in good guys by intelligent, powerful women. Because women routinely fail to see respect+authority as "power" and instead confuse subjugation and abuse with it, their internal attractiveness gauges routinely fail: They end up with dumb guys they neither respect, feel positive about, or willingly give any real authority to; instead, they end up emotionally, physically, and spiritually subjugated, leading to an atrophying of their very souls and potentials. Meanwhile, the insidiousness of this cycle is made apparent by the absolute fact that "good guys finish last". If the asshole *always* gets the girl, what's left for the good guy but an unfulfilled, unsatisfied existence? Soon, they either accept they like being a nice guy and expect the passive abuse they receive by being emotional whores, or they become assholes and start subjugating women.

Male emotional whores can NEVER EVER hook up w/ women who are subjugated, because they both give energy to people and like + like repel, like magnets. Instead, the only ones ATTRACTED To givers are abusers. Givers have to overcome and realize they may not be attracted to another giver, but GODDAMN they can be fucking happy with one another!

In the end, I just have to keep telling myself I'm a wonderful guy, women *do* get crushes on me; it's just the damn relationship part that never happens. I just have to keep on hoping just a little longer that some day a caring, intelligent, open-minded, giving woman will actually be *ready* and *willing* to have a relationship w/ me. Because that's never happened, I tend to try to escalate things before I should.

Now I'm just happy to let women use me as a rubric for all their potential lovers; it'll go along way in keeping them from ever being blatantly subjugated again. In the end, knowing I'm the most together, caring, respectable man every woman I've given my support to has known is actually pretty commendable.

The advice I'd give women who like me is:

Embrace something strange; go against the grain and cling to what your spirit craves: A generous, actualized man who will be instrumental in elevating you to new frequencies of existence, who has taught you more than you probably thought possible, and genuinely cares about your progression in life. You'll find you're more attracted to his leadership than anything else lesser men could provide.