A needle of Hope
amid a haystack of Chaos.

What to expect going forth into 2009 with collapsinig economies, millions of homeless, American economic refugees, etc

Created: Friday, August 10th, 2007
22:24:00 UTC

The economy will contract some 25-33% of what it was last month (it's already contracted 4%, globally, 6%). Europe and Asia will be fucking devastated, as nearly-100% of American equity flees for U.S. city tax-free municipal bonds. Taxes fall as incomes plummet and poor, homeless people refuse to pay taxes.

$5 to $10,000 is taken off of the average national income. CEO wages go from 300x to 5x the average worker, average workers lose 15-20% of their payrate, while inflation increases 15-20% per year.

The Dow Jones will be around 8,000 but compared to 1998, it would have been worth 4,000, due to inflation.

Your gas will cost around $10-12/gallon, due to both peak oil (due to hit in 2011/2012), 20-35% inflation, and new federal and state taxes on oil to help substitute the radically-fallen income, sales, and (esp) property tax rates.

Marijuana will be made legal, but farmers will be heavily taxed, ala 2x more than tobacco farmers. Users will be taxed as well. As the crunch continues, expect other drugs to be removed from prescription and/or illegal status and subsequently taxed, including vicodine, human growth hormones, and maybe even ecstacy/LSD.

Expect 2.5 million to 3 million Americans without homes. expect MASSIVE apartment and home-renting shortages. Expect many millions of economic refugees ala Katrina, particularly poor whites and blacks who do not team together like other nationalities.

Expect a fracturing of empires worldwide, from America, the EU and China, maybe even Russia, as the number of economic refugees grows at a geometric rate. Expect an emboldened populace ready for change, even Americans ready to take up arms.

Expect the end of the nation-state coupled with fiat money as we know it. Expect p2p-driven governments of micro-secessionists, the resurgence of city-states, and an expoentially-increased vigor towards self-sustainable metroplexes capable of meeting all their needs via recycling and trading with neighbors. There will be a surge in local monetary units, ala Ithaca Hours, as people worldwide lose faith in all major fiat currencies.

The average working distance will be 5 miles, as the vast majority work from home, due to soaring gas prices. Expect an exponential increase in in-home hydroponic farms, powered by solar cells, and a decrease from teh current 1500 miles for food travelled down to 30-40.