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Beware: Easy Duplicate Finder purchase only lasts 1 year (www.easyduplicatefinder.com)

Created: Friday, March 4th, 2011
09:55:53 UTC

I realized **AFTER** purchasing (only when viewing the "About" dialog in the app) that $39 had only purchased one year's worth of updates.

I am a Software Engineer and a highly detailed-oriented person. This is the **first time ever** that I have missed that software was time-limited.

Every other package has clearly-worded verbiage BEFORE YOU FRACKING PAY stating the terms of the license clearly and succinctly, usually with options to buy multiple years.

I reanalyzed the entire chain of events (downloading the app, clicking "REgister" button, creating an account and paying for the app) and I did not see "1 year of updates" **anywhere** in the process.

I am on the verge of protesting this with my credit card company.

$39.90 is just too expensive a price point for your app with just 1 year of updates. $25, sure, but not $40. That makes it TWO TIMES more expensive than Winamp Pro, which also is a perpetual upgrades purchase. Are you saying your app delivers more than two times value than Winamp 5 Pro?

I have posted this entire rant at http://incendiary.ws/node/244 and I will post your response(s) there as well.