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Commerce Law Equals No Inalienable Rights

Created: Thursday, January 1st, 1970
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What can we do to help? Advice please!!!!! We need them. They need us.

They're probably screwed at this point.

IT's so after the fact.

First, realize that they were almost certainly convicted of violating not a City Law but a City Ordinance. What's an ordinance? Let's look at a law dictionary!

  1. an authoritative rule or law; a decree or command.
  2. a public injunction or regulation; statute: a city ordinance againstexcessive horn blowing
  3. something believed to have been ordained, as by a deity ordestiny.

From http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/ordinance
"This word is more usually applied to the laws of a corporation, than to the acts of the legislature...A municipality is typically divided into residential, commercial, and industrial zoning districts. Zoning attempts to conserve the value of property and to encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout a particular locality...The [city's corporate] charter in large part dictates how much power elected officials have to regulate actions within the municipality. Municipalities that have been granted "home rule" charters by the legislature have the most authority to act.

So there is no confusion, pay very good attention what type of city you live in, folks! Preferably live in NO CITY, like Scarsdale in Houston, TX, or in one of Texas' many "powerless" cities, like Dallas, TX, which are run, by and large, by the State. Houston, TX, in fact, is one of the vERY few cities that have "strong" municipal powers; the others are deferred almost exclusively to the State. Why? Because the Texan citizens demanded it when we declared our INdependence from Mexico. Houston, TX, was the capitol of the state at the time, however, so it maintained it's strong central government, while the rest of Texas, including Austin, maintained "loose" powers. Only a few states enjoy this type of situation (New Hampshire, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, to my understanding).

The historic compromise for Houston, however, was that the city NOT Be zoned into commercial/residential/industrial sections. The reason? Without explicit definitions, it is *very* hard to legislate bullshit like what happened to the poor students in Orange County, because no part of Houston is **exclusively** commercial. And as you may know, Houston is one of the largest non-zoned incorporated cities in the world.

What does all this incorporation mean? It means that we are effectively governed by corporations, who derive the power to their laws from Commercial Law, aka Maritime Law, aka Martial Law. It means that if it is determined that you have "engaged in commerce", esp. inside a commerical zone inside a city, particularly one with a "strong" "divine rule" charter, like the city in Orange County, you have absolutely no human rights, becuase by entering into commerce, you have given up, voluntarily, your rights via implicit commercial contracts.

If any of these assertions are true for any of the individual arrested, they will fair poorly in court; if all of them are true, their chances are very poor indeed:

Have they used a Federal Reserve Note near the protest (commonly called US Dollars, which they technically aren't)? Oops! Such a simple act places them firmly in "commerce", esp. if they have it on them (intent to conduct commerce) and particularly if they sold something or asked for donations.

Are they "lawful" residents of the city? e.g. do they reside (legally or illegally) within the city limits in a residential area more or less permanently (defined as more than 6 months of a year or less than one year in a permanent residence with their name tied to it somehow)?
Are they "legal" residents of the city? e.g. do they reside in the city without warrants, with a drivers license with an address within the residential area of the city? comply with all city ordinances without objection? etc.

Do they have a bank account registered in the city? This means, by interlocking contracts, that they have SiGNeD a document voluntarily promising to "enter into commerce" in the city.
Do they have a drivers license registered in the city? This is *really* bad for these students. By every state law I know of (Texas, Arizona, and California which I have studied), registring in a city includes a specifc clause that says, basically, that you agree to abide by that city's ordinances.

Have they signed a lease agreement or mortgage in the city? Same as the drivers license, only more sticky.

So, if they're illegal aliens who live in a different city, have no bank account, no drivers license, no "legal" name on a lease, or if it is illegal for them to lease, in letter of the law, then they almost will never be prosecuted. This is why the illegal alien protests in California, even Orange County, had near zero police enforcement, while mostly white and black FTAA and WTO protests get hammered by the full apparati of the police state.

Did you know any of this? do you actively doubt any of it? Then you must study the issue, in depth! I'm prepared to officially debate this with anyone who's up to it, but we'll have to schedule it, have a non-baised moderator, and a jury of peers to decide who has the preponderance of evidence.

For those not so close-minded, a great explanation of all this is found in George Mercer's Invisible Contracts, which he has placed in the public domain: http://www.constitution.org/mercier/incon.htm. A very easy-to-read, modern version can be found in the book They Own It All, Including You, By Means of Toxic Currency. http://www.amazon.com/They-Own-All-Including-You/dp/1439233616

Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the Law, and you owe it to yourself, your children, everyone, to both know this stuff and share it to everyone who will listen and even those who don't. They've taken over the republics around the world, largely without firing a shot and completely unknowingly over the last 100-150 years using these commercial mechanisms, and it will be the final form of the New World Order's policy structure, as well as the basis to the Elite's ever-increasing power.

Want to fight the elite? Want a better world? Fight invisible contracts and the power base of all current world despotism: Monopolistic government-enforced-by-the-military valueless fiat money systems. Implement your own community currency or conduct as much trade in precious metals as you can.