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"Why I married her"

Created: Sunday, March 27th, 2011
02:46:01 UTC

One of the most inspiring things I've ever read, and I found it on Yahoo Answers, of all places:

The **only** reason I married my wife was that she was the only person I ever met that I could be with for hours and days and months without getting really annoyed. I cannot explain why... it's just that most people annoy me, but my wife does not. I did not marry her because she was good looking or was good in bed. It was because I can be with her for an entire week, like on a vacation, and I still like her, even when she is a total butthole and i'm not getting any action.

This is why i married her.

I hope to find someone who I am exactly the same way with! My personal metric would be someone who would be a great fit with me if we were stuck all alone in a fallout shelter for 20 years. So far, I've never gotten close.

This article is left unpublished b/c I'm really attracted to this girl but I don't want her know I am so soon... If you found it, kudos to you, especially if you're name is Monica.