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Fix Facebook Comments font size in Chrome

Created: Monday, April 30th, 2012
18:55:04 UTC
Last modified: Monday, March 25th, 2013
19:56:00 UTC

For months now, close to a year, I've been struggling to read Facebook comments inside Google Chrome. Have you had trouble reading small text in Chrome? How about that incredibly tiny text in Facebook comments in Google Chrome?

Before: Small Facebook font
After: Small Facebook font

Below is my fool-proof solution to end this nightmare once and for all!

First, install the Personalized Web Chrome extension. Next, click your Wrench icon Chrome wrench and go to Tools, then Extensions. Third, locate the Personalized Web extension and check Allow in Incognito mode. Then click Options. Fourth, copy the code below: Fifth, click Load dump file from the Personalized Web's options page. Paste the code in, and click OK. Sixth, be sure to click the Save. You're done! You should never encounter another piece of text that is not resizable in Chrome!~

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