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DFX Audio Enhancer Now Extorts For Serial Number Recovery

Created: Sunday, June 3rd, 2012
16:31:54 UTC

Dear FXSounds,

You should forward this to whomever makes decisions around there.

I've been a loyal DFX user and, I dare say, promoter and advocate for the better part of a decade now.

Here is a list of my purchases:

256506, 265984, 331743, 334096, 352060.

Some time in 2011, your company stopped emailing serial numbers with the receipts. You pointed us to a URL where we could check our order and grab the serial. This was an OK compromise, even if every other app I buy online emails me the serial.

Today, on June 3rd, 2012, I reinstalled my computer and went to retrieve my serial number. It stated that I had to pay $10 to retrieve serial numbers purchased more than 30 days ago, and I made my last purchase in Dec 2011, close to 6 months ago.

The original purchase cost me $15, this serial number retrieval business cost me $10. For something that you never emailed me in the first place, I think it is egregious to say I "lost" it.

No, I put my good faith and money in your company's trust that I would always be able to retrieve the serial number.

You already have upgrade cycles (The Dec 2011 was an upgrade to DFX 10 from DFX 9 which I purchased just two months prior in October 2011... )... but now you want to extort $10 out of me to retrieve my serial number that you never emailed?

I find this all very disingenuous and unethical, so without a change in policy for everyone and an apology, this will undoubtedly be my last DFX purchase.

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-A Disgruntled Long-term Customer