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amid a haystack of Chaos.

We, The People, Are The Battered Wife!

Created: Sunday, September 29th, 2013
01:02:09 UTC

I super apologize to every troop ever who has had to suffer under the reigns of both Bush and Obama! 16 years of irrational, unethical and unprovoked wars is just too much!

I also plead for the victims of our unchecked aggression to understand: We (The American People) are *the* Battered Wife! We've tried to leave in the near past (Civil War) near the beginning of the relationship, but were beat down so much we ended up in the emergency room for about 30 days (20 year "Reconstruction") and then brainwashed so heavily, every day, that we now believe it is ILLEGAL for us to leave again! OH, and we're scared to death, both collectively and individually, to try or to even be too loud and opinionated.

Every day, we KNOW we're being spied on, treated as a criminal when we do NOTHING wrong, have our possessions taken from us, chosen what we can even buy and FORCED to buy things we do not want! OUr partner CONTROLS us increasingly more EVERY DAY and INCREASINGLY attacks us and threatens us in a myriad new ways.

We've tried, oh we've tried! to talk to them (via the courts, protests, even mass movements for change) but they just thumb their nose at us and say, "Deal with it, Bitch! We know best! We're Bigger than you, and you NEED us." In fact, we almost all thoroughly believe we do NEED them or we would DIE> We can't possibly break away (secede) even for a day, or we wouldn't make it. Ask any of us and most would say that.

So we do what ever we can to numb the pain or just survive. We overmedicate, we do drugs, we gamble, we cheat on our partner as MUCH as we can (promiscuity) and we've generally become an absolute slut (soceital decadence) with an attitude (increase in crime) and a mental problem (mass rise in psychosis). All a huge and growing portion of us do is abuse drugs and/or zone out in any way possible, hoping that tomorrow you'll change.

But you NEVER do! And our friends say people like you (United States) never will! At least not if you're forced to.


What I'm going to say is going to get me in trouble with you, I Just know it. You may even make me disappear. But I'm going to say it.

European Union, South America, Russia, Australia and Japan, you are our FRIENDS, not just the United States' friends, you are OUR (the People's) friends, too, even if a lot of us don't realize it.

HELP US!!! HELP US!!!! A LOT of us want out! WE want CHANGE, meaningful change. What that means is we are TIRED of being battered! It'd be GREAT if you could come over more often to our house (the actual land mass of the USA) and investigate how we're treated every day behind closed doors!

It'd be GREAT if you put hidden cameras in the rooms where he abuses us (our prisons) and learned JUST how bad it can be!~

It'd be GREAT if you just TALKED to *US* (the People) and told us, yes, it's OK to leave, YES YOU'LL bE OK ON YOUR OWN! NO, YOU DO NOT NEED HIM TO SURVIVE AND HE'S KILLING YOUR SOUL!!

Just talk to us! Most of us are so beaten down already that JUST seeing Putin's letter to us the other day gave us HOPE, more hope than Obama ever has. We need more.


We are a cowered people, either dazed and confused, ignorant or in denial, or SCARED OUT OF THEIR MINDS to take action or EVEN write posts like this one, for fear of how other battered people will even treat us after reading this. At least, that's my fear.

We're afraid if we speak up (or god forbid secede our own personal house) from the U.S.' house, that the whole System will come down upon us HARD and we'll either be disappeared to some dark prison in the East where we're tortured or worse, or at the very least, we'll be dismissed and ostracisized by our friends and family, which can even be worse!

We NEED to realize that we specifically and our relationship with the U.S. federal government in general exhibit all of the symptoms of a toxic, abusive relationship, and go from there.

MAYBE the U.S. Federal government will go through rehab and counseling and sign a few more pledges with us (and MEAN them) about how they won't abuse us in the future (like the Bill of Rights), maybe they won't and we'll have to take to the streets ourselves, just to get out.

But we MUST have this realization, and we needed it yesterday.