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Why I'm Different [Smart ladies, read this] - 32

Created: Monday, March 24th, 2014
22:51:26 UTC

Hi, I'm Ted.

I'm a 21st Century Renaissance man seeking a smart, open-minded, and spiritual woman.
I'm a different breed of guy. The odds are low that you know anyone quite like me, so you need to figure out if you're adventurous or not really quickly ;_)
Here's how I'm different:

My biggest difference is that virtually all my beliefs and knowledge are self-taught / self-discovered. It is possible I am the only one on Earth who espouses all of them like I do. If knowledge is power, I definitely may have a leg or two up. In the words of Fox Mulder (X-Files), I'm "not easily categorized or referenced." In fact, if you were to describe any part of my life (like political leaning), it'd take a paragraph. It's so bizarre when not a single group term applies to yourself!

My striving to find the truth wherever it leads has led me to develop into quite the leader, teacher, and general motivator. Pack leader. It seems to extend effortlessly in every facet of my life. My rule is to never underestimate myself and try to figure out how everyone else gets it wrong; and usually it pays off. [See Quirk Theory for why this type of belief makes people into billionaires]

If you want your world rocked metaphysically, if you want to be opened up to new possibilities, far deeper horizons, and basically see the world in an enhanced perspective, *and* If you like intelligence, open-mindedness, curiosity, generosity, drive, self-control, and a good out look on life, we'll become fast friends for sure!