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My Teen Years with My Age Peers

Created: Thursday, March 27th, 2014
16:29:45 UTC

A Most Amazing Event

Junior High was absolutely the worst for me. I was beat up and mercilessly tormented physically, emotionally, and I dare say spiritually on a daily basis at home, at school and at church. 1st through 5th grade, it'd happen maybe 4x a week. 6th-10th, pretty much every hour of every day.

My parents let me spend 1 semester in a private school my 8th grade year, and Oh my God it was WONDERFUL, I was even allowed on the Football team and I *enjoyed* it so much! I love being defensive tackle ;-)

Then they couldn't afford it anymore, and I got to listen to my Dad scream and shout at me about how I was wrecking finances, why couldn't I just be happy in public school, etc? honestly, I tried, really hard, all the time. Just trying not to get beat up was hard.

The summer after 8th Grade, I worked my ass off and afforded lessons 3 days a week in the purely-defensive martial arts Aiki Jutsu ("the circle is power"). I really meshed with their oath that it would only be used for defense, only to the degree to stop future attacks.

My first day back in 9th Grade, I viciously took down the leader of a pack of 4 kids who were running up to "jump" me, as they called it, a favorite hobby. The other kids looked at me in utter shock as he lay there, nose bleeding and knee twisted at an odd angle, letting out a horrendous cry. Lol The principle *high fived* me and said, "Teddy! It's ABOUT DAMN TIME!" It only took about 5 more beat downs before everyone left me alone, physically, and then I went all Batman and attacked them whenever I saw them physically harassing someone else (like banging their heads into lockers; it *really* hurts!). Soon, I became a cult hero among the disaffected, the Cafeteria Fringe, as some call it.

But by that point, the damage had been done. I spent all of my lunches in the computer lab or debate room, because, frankly, I got tired of all the heated fights that'd erupt between the Nerds, Jocks, Punks, Emos, and Mexicanos whenever I would enter. It was still very cool to physically abuse me if someone could escape from my harm (thus footballs thrown at me, etc.) and the emotional attacks went on and on, and every now and then, some hot shot would try to prove himself by trying to take me down, so I had to leave a fair number of bruised and bloodied, usually limp, bodies lying around. Like, this one guy just sponatneously threw me up against the wall, unprovoked, in French class, and next thing I know, his head is smashed against the wall and he's crumpled. Their superior height (I am 5'4") was no match for my skill.

Then one day, near the end of my Junior year, it all changed. People who had treated me horribly, started coming up to me, by the dozens, and ... spontaneously apologizing to me! It had been fun and game for girls to *hurt* me, viciously, psychologically by playing with me and then saying, "HA! As if!" or other really hateful things. But even some of them came up and said they were sorry.

From that day forward, I do not believe I was made fun of once. I was NEVER attacked. And suddenly, I found myself being the most popular person in the 4,000+ high school, except for dating (there, I was still very much untouchable [a short, wiry geek was so uncool in 1999!]). But I never accepted it, it felt too, fake, even though women were throwing themselves all over me at the 10 year reunion lol (i'm very successful today).

The day it all changed for me was April 20, 1999, the day of the Columbine high school massacre. At that moment, people realized there were consequences for their actions, realized what a shitty deal I had been given, and must have either been scared I'd come after them and/or genuinely sorrowful for their actions. And that made the rest of 1999 and 2000 the best time of my entire school career, 1985-2004.

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