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A Most Amazing Event

Created: Thursday, March 27th, 2014
17:39:10 UTC

My Teen Years with My Age Peers

One of the most amazing moments of my life happened when I was 24 years old and walking my dog down the street I grew up on.

For the setup: It was December 1998, half-way through my 10th Grade Year. My entire life up til that point, I had been completely shunned by the opposite sex. No hugs, nothing I saw them doing w/ other guys.

There was this absolutely, drop dead gorgeous girl, I'm going to call her Lana, who my heart skipped a beat whenever I saw her. She was the first girl who ever came onto me, in 10th Grade. She was a hot relative stranger in my Choir class. I had come over to help her with her math homework.

All of a sudden, she pushed me onto her bed and started straddling me, with her sexy, amazing hips.

I couldn't believe it. No, literally. I started disassociating (feeling myself outside my body): I could feel her on me. Smell her beautiful fragrance. Feel her hands on my chest and her thighs on mine. It was like this super hot, real life dream!

Then! BAM! her friend *BURST* out of the closet behind us, with a camcorder in hand, maniacally laughing. Then I realized Lana was laughing, too. Really laughing.

Lana proceeded to poke me on the shoulder and say, "Come on, Big Boy, you didn't really think *I* would have ANYTHING to do with you! I heard you were naive! haha!" The other girl gleamed "Just wait til everyone sees this!" And, of course, they did.

Thank GOD! YouTube wasn't around back then!


So flash forward 8 years. I'm now 24, visiting my folks for Christmas, out walking my dog at about 9 PM at night, 4 days after my birthday.

This black SUV pulled up and a tinted window rolled down. I was shocked to see one of the guys who used to beat me up in the passenger seat. I got geared up to run. I didn't know what's up.

"Teddy???", a young, female voice called out from the driver's seat.

It was Lana! She parked the car, got out, and walked over to me, her hands in her coat pockets.

She came up and hugged me, a deep, long, intimate hug that I rarely get.

Without me having to say anything, she told me how her actions on the Christmas of 1998 had been tearing her up inside for the last 8 years. How she could never forgive herself but she oh so had hoped that she could apologize.

I told her, flatly, that it wasn't the top 3 worst ways women had broken my heart, but yes, what she did was definitely in the top 5! With us standing there, freezing, I wanted to be nice in sight of her tears, but I felt this overwhelming desire to just tell her how it is. Maybe in some universe I did, but I just ended up telling her that I hoped she felt better now..

I then told her she was with a guy who used to beat me up, and then I walked away. She was crying, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" as I left. It was an awkward situation, but I have always been inspired by how brave she was for hunting me down and apologizing, all those years later.

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