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amid a haystack of Chaos.

A Very Strange Dream

Created: Monday, May 19th, 2014
13:21:06 UTC

Last night, I had a very vivid dream:

I was visiting my parents' place, sleeping on the sofa instead of my childhood bedroom. I had just woken up, at around 9 AM. I immediately heard a horrible sound, like a freight train. I ran into the kitchen and warned my mother away from the noise, and she ran to the other side of the house.

All of a sudden, a tornado ripped off the roof of the house and started carrying me, in slow motion (as I guess you'd experience, if you, too, were in a tornado). I grabbed some sort of pot with a 3 foot handle and wedged it under the now-empty window sill and hung for dear life, as my body was lifted more than 8 feet in the air, and i was clinging diagonally for dear life.

After a few, horrifying, seconds, the vortex passed and I fell down. After consoling my horrified mother, I surveyed the damage. The living room (where I had been) was missing its roof and the sofa I had been sleeping on. But my room had been utterly destroyed. Specifically my bed. Every single piece of wood had been snapped into no more than 5 or 6 inch pieces and was laying in a corner, mostly in place. The room was totally trashed.

When I went to go check out my closet, it was weird. That entire side of the house (my bathroom, the bathtub area and my closet) had been redesigned in my absence into an extension to the guest bedroom, which had since become my dad's new office.

I went outside and talked with the gawking neighbors, many of whom told me I was so lucky to get out of Houston when I did, and that if I had slept in my old room, I would have surely died. The weird thing was that there was this girl I met in NYC in the dream. She hugged me and said it was great I had gotten out while I did.

It was a really weird dream, and I think my spirit guides were telling me quite a few things in it ;O

This is the 3rd dream where I've been "sucked up" inside that house. The other two times, it was onto AC ducts at the ceiling.

Here's what I just found:
"Tornadoes specifically point to "Fear of Separation from Family Members." There is a person in the situation you are experiencing where you may feel that if you tell them your true thoughts and feelings that you will lose them. Our fears of what might happen when we communicate honestly generally do not occur as we imagine. Tornadoes are a culmination of air in its most destructive capacity, pointing to the realm of thought (air)."