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Three Forms of Suicide

Created: Saturday, December 5th, 2015
16:30:40 UTC
Three Forms of Suicide
  1. Instant / Irrevocable:

    • Most common, e.g., gun shot, hanging.
    • Common among the short-sighted, impulsive
    • Extremely selfish: Family + friends self-blame.
    • No regard for Fate.
  2. Daredevil

    • Increasingly-risky actions (skydiving, unsafe sex, drugs, etc.)
    • Common among the spiritual (fear / prohibition against suicide)
    • Put their hands in Fate, selfishly, and are OK with dying (maybe happy).
    • Biggest hindrance: Fear of being crippled, coma, etc.
    • Families + friends do not self-blame, easier to cope (freak accident, foolishness of youth, etc.).
  3. Long-term purposeful neglect

    • Minimal desire to persist in long-term negative state results in increasingly neglecting self-maintenance.
    • Particularly prevalent and severe when the individual has a life-threatening yet addressable condition.
    • Requires the most consistency and persistence. Not impulsive.
    • Most family and friends are totally unaware, much easier to cope ("his time to go", "God's will", "gave it his all").
    • Biggest reason: Systemic missing psychophysical need or needs, which should be relatively easy to fulfill. The clear rationality of hope prevents impulsive actions, while the continual reinforcement of despair drives the malaise.
    • Most blame Fate for their lack of basic fulfillment. Most of their unfulfilled needs are easily obtained by others in their circles.