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An Alternative To The Worldwide Immigration Order

Created: Monday, January 4th, 2016
00:22:54 UTC

Imagine this law passing in countries around the world, starting with the U.S. and UK: No new immigrants into a country unless a city invites them -or- they pass a means test. An invitation would be given if two out of three conditions passed:

1) a city's resident for more than a year a) petitioned for this Invitee to come [became their sponsor], b) personally agreed (along with that Invitee) to not partake of any form of aide for 5 years, -and- c) the Invitee and their sponsor would both be put in jail if the person committed an arrestable crime.

-or- 2) a corporation in the city could petition for the person to join -if and only if- a] the corporation paid 125% more than its average salary to the Invitee and b] couldn't find a local candidate for 3+ months.

-or- 3) the Invitee had had an occupation in the last 365 days that earned them more than 200% the GDP per Capita of the city. The Core Cities of the UK [all major except London] was £21,927 [$32,089] in 2014, meaning that basically any skilled labor person in America would qualify ($65,800 / £43,800), even skilled teachers and nurses. It is *exactly* the type of people *any* city would love to have. To go into London without invitation, they would need to make 2x £48,000 ($73,000) or ~$146,000, which would basically be Top 5% incomes in the U.S.

If this system were implemented globally, the smartest poorest peoples would be allowed to move to neighboring, slightly better countries, hopping their way to the more developed countries year after year, until becoming masters of their craft and being accepted in the West. It would mean a) less foreigners taking Western jobs, because they wouldn't be worth the 150% over average wage, nor be able to prove the over 200% local GDP income.

Furthermore, only conscientious and good-behaved people would be Invited over by others, because no one in their right mind would invite someone who could even possibly incur them, themselves, jail time.

It would also allow free movement of Conscientious people, while minimizing welfare costs, because both Invitee and Sponsor must voluntarily forgo any and all social benefits until the Invitee has become integrated into the society.

The biggest benefit is that it would not allow highly skilled and valuable people from leaving incredibly poor countries where they are absolutely needed the most. It would be incredibly hard, for instance, for a brightly skilled programmer in Warsaw, Poland (£11,900 avg, £17,600 max) to be able to qualify for the 200% UK average.