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155.49 days of Hope remaining...

Created: Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
01:56:35 UTC
Last modified: Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
13:10:35 UTC

155.49 days, or 5 months, 5 days 11 hours 40 minutes

I'm about to go read an *awesome* book. Actually it is the first spirtually-oriented book I believe I have read since Crefn Mhyn and I split up in late 2003. It's called

Tomorrow's GodTomorrow's God: Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge

Every page is really deep. As I've grown accustomed to doing, whenever I find a treasure chest of enlightenment I always have a pen handy...and like The Holographic Universe this one is almost nothing but highlighting. :o Why do I do this? Not for myself. All of these books I give to others and hope to give to others yet again...People say they find my highlights and margin notes very helpful...as I talk to myself as much as to them when I write them.

I had a huge spiritual epiphany on my lunch break today while reading this book. It was actually the very first epiphany I had really had in almost 18 months. For those that know me this may sound, well, shocking; what's shocking to myself is that I did not buy (or incidentally read) a single book from January to 26 August 2004. Even more sign of my profound sense of grief: The first song I ever downloaded occurred on 15 January 2005; the first DivX downloaded, 30 January; the first movie rented, 17 Feb 2005. I wanted to sleep through those days and lo, it *really* worked out that way; now the day of reckoning surges forward faster than I can collect myself; eek!

I have witnessed more synchronicities — or Godwinks — in my life greater than any time except prior to meeting Crefn (my average for late 2004 was 5 to 10 synchronicities a DAY). Indeed, my first real synchronicity didn't occur until 1 December 2004 when I was spared a horrible car accident and even got a *nice* brand-new 2005 Chevy Cavalier for $7,400 on 31 Dec 2004! The really huge synchronicity was on 12 Dec 2004, when Alice Yates picked up the book "When God Winks On Love" in the airport bookstore the exact same day I bought "When God Winks".

Any way...sleep!! To those that love me, thanks for stopping by; for those that hate me, I wonder why? any way, lovers and haters are apparently the only ones who visit this little blog :-)


PS is it bad that I co-opted the nickname of my lover simply because it is an abbrev. of the nick I took whilst waiting for her to return?

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