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150.37 days — My Plans for 2006

Created: Sunday, May 1st, 2005
03:23:34 UTC
Last modified: Sunday, May 1st, 2005
05:40:34 UTC

150.37 days, or 5 months, 0 days 8 hours 55 minutes of Hope remaining...

I have more or less 5 months exactly before I find out whether or not the only thing I am hoping for will be possible. Regardless, whether October is a time of rejoicing or mourning, I *know* what I am going to be doing come the summer of 2006. At least one person would be insanely interested in doing this with me too, and this gives me more hope than virtually any thing tonight :-)

To what do I allude? From 8-13 Nov 2004 I went on a cruise with the entire side of my dad's family to the Caribbean. Because of the wedding, we really only got a chance to go on two excusions. On our last excursion Thursday we had the opportunity to either get drunka nd shop at flea markets or travel 150km inland to official Mayan ruins. What do you think I picked?!

We were a motley crew! My mother (66), the groom's mom (55 and in far worse shape), my grandmother (94 (95 as of today)), and myself trekking over virtually-virgin archaelogical dig sites. Half of the time I was *literalyl* carrying her wheelchair (with her in it %-) over rocks and roots, and the other half the tourguide was doing so.

To make our long adventures consume 2 minutes of soliloquy, the tour guide was *more* than impressed with my level of understanding of every thing he showed us. Near the end of the tour he took my mother and I up to the top of the sacred priest pyramid, something he said he had never done before.

He proceeded to tell me...well, that's for antoher day (tomorrow?). Suffice it to say that he formally invited me to come back in 9 months, at very little cost to myself, and live with him and his tribe of about 50 people. Paid for by the Mexican Government as part of a Cultural Exchange, it would cost me literally the airfare to get down there.

I jumped! I *know* the only person I would even ask in the future about going on this would — all other factors being resolved — immediately plan around going him/herself. Indeed we talked about such a thing in Australia many times in the past; I just haven't had a chance to ask them yet. It's incredible what we would learn: Nothing less than how to be 100% self-sufficient in the "wilderness", loving Earth, working to rebuild Her, discovering the true esoteric secrets of the most advanced mathematical and scientific culture to ever develop on Earth, straight from the sole-remaining tribe that can directly trace their lineage back to the "Ancients" and who first made contact with the outside world in the 1970s.

I am definately doing this. The paperwork is already being processed; it only takes about 3 months for it to be done and so there should be no problems for the other person to go should they want to. The only possible reason they wouldn't — as I know them quite well — is if they had reservations about being around me, which is sort of hard for me to fathom, but then again, I'm biased :p


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