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149.85 days — Sorry, You Missed the Rapture

Created: Sunday, May 1st, 2005
17:41:56 UTC
Last modified: Sunday, May 1st, 2005
18:17:56 UTC

149.85 days, or 4 months, 29 days 20 hours 19 minutes of Hope remaining...

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but You have missed the Rapture!! Yet before you "flee into the mountains" you might consider that the reason you missed it is because you believe[d] in the wrong religion :o

It was announced today — 2005-05-01 — that the oldest known fragment of the Book of Revelation was finally translated, due to the aid of cutting-edge infrared cameras used in decades-old spy satellites. For more, see The Holy Grail of Christian Anthology.

Yes, they finally translated this fragment and what did they find? Nothing less than that the number 666 was really the number 616. This makes perfect sense: As described in the article, 616 is a perfect code — easily recognizable by all Jews — for the name of Caligula, the evil despot of Rome who ruled right around the time of the first Christian persecutions (55 CE).

If there is no Antichrist, there is no 'Armegeddon'. No, the battle of Armegeddon already happened as well, where? The Battle of Masada, of course, 73 CE. Since there will be no Antichrist, no Battle of Armegeddon, there is no need for a Rapture.

This means that all you Fundamentalist Christians better plan on living out the rest of your lives — and not getting a Free Ride into Heaven before the [censored] hits the fan. You will suffer the full force of your wanton exploitation of Life along with the rest of us; and we'll just say, "You wanted to subjugate life; stop the destructive natural processes already!"

But of course they won't be able to. This would require both a complete religious transformation of the bulk of Humanity along with a relatively huge number of Old Souls — e.g., people who pre-serve life. Probably 5 million united souls would be able to accomplish this. We're near that number but not nearly organized — or even aware of each other — yet.

I told my mom about the studies and she said it didn't affect her faith one iota; that she saw Satan all over my words (Wa?!!). No, she will not believe it until she "hear[s] Jesus say otherwise." Likewise, I didn't press this issue as I love my mother and yet she isn't that rational when it comes to religion; but isn't that point? I just wish I could help free her...she is making *HUGE* progress, though! Like she believes now that God is continually becoming/growing through us!! Next I get to work on her believing God is synonymous with Life.


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