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149.61 days — Macro-Punctuation

Created: Sunday, May 1st, 2005
23:48:47 UTC
Last modified: Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
12:41:47 UTC

149.61 days, or 4 months, 29 days 14 hours 37 minutes minutes of Hope remaining...

I had never heard of the concept "macro-punctuation" until this afternoon, but there are entire websites dedicated to the concept. Apparently they aid in the over-all readability of not so much a string of words as much as the entire document as a whole.

Whereas punctuation is related to the flow of speech, macropunctuation is used as regulator of a page. Thus this site design is a macro-punctuation of my thoughts + feelings in a way to help further project my essence onto every one reading this page. wow, deep.

So what is a classic example of macro-punctuation used as an art? Chances are you've read it: Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus. The area of debate revolves around two versions of the book; the original edition written in 1604 and the second edition of 1616. The first edition was almost a complete failure, but the 1616 really took off. The content was identical; the only thing changed was the macro-punctuation, and it is even argued that this was the very first fork of literature (in the software sense) by a person other than Marlowe :o

How big is this debate? Fairly massive, considering that it's been on-going for roughly 400 years. A pretty good summary of this debate can be found here. Not as though any one cares; I'm just bored.

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